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It has become quite popular to felt “skins” that look like ordinary sheep falls but only wool in staples and carded wool or rowing is put on the back. These falls look like real sheepskin but you do not have to slaughter the sheep to get them. A sheep has a rather long life,10-15 years, and if you shear each animal 2 times a year, you can get 20-25 felted “skins” from the same animal during its life, is not it a cannon-good idea? No wonder it became so popular!
But as in most cases, popularization brings with it some drawbacks. Making fur imitations (that I prefer to call them instead for vegetarian sheepskins) looks simple, but are the results durable in the long run? Can you expect that such a rug would last as long as a “real” sheepskin does? Does the wool fall? Can you sit in an armchair where your cushion lays without getting your clothes smeared with wool? Are there any vegetable residues left in the fur, such as sticky lumps from the meadows where the sheep went?
I have experimented with many different wool types from different breeds for both the “fur” and the backing, and found some working combinations that make the falls as durable and flawless as possible. At the same time, I have discovered some other important technical tricks that make my “fur imitations” very similar to real fur. The fun is that few other feltmakers have developed similar techniques during their experimental work and these are very similar to mine, so exiting!
These “tricks” make my “coat imitations” as useful as real sheepskin or sheepskin products. They are very light-weighted, machine-washable, you can vacuum clean or air them depending on the type and degree of soiling. Floor rugs can decorate your room for many years, cushions and smaller falls are warm, soft and comfortable to sit at home in front of the hearth or in the car. The pillows feel comfortable and look unchanged year after year and the folds in the stroller can be passed on to the next baby. I never stop being fascinated by how good the wool is and how much it is good for! I cannot help being fascinated even by how much difference good crafts can make, putting time and energy at work and not settling for “just fine” results in much better products and items. Every hour you work to sort the wool and work carefully is worth it!
So – do not miss the trendy, organic, sustainable, CO2-neutral, high-quality fur imitations and personalize your interior for a long time! Take a look at webshop: https://www.etsy.com/se-en/shop/VeraZFelt